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Increased teacher salaries and student scholarships at vocational schools

Goal is to provide top-quality education in a competitive environment.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) announced Saturday that teachers at vocational training schools will be receiving higher salaries starting in July and students will receive a scholarship from the next school year. 

The goal is to make vocational training better and more practical, in line with the Austrian model. Directors will decide which teachers receive a raise based on their performance, with some receiving as much as a 50 percent increase. Legal provisions in place guarantee that nobody will be worse off.

Starting in July, a teacher with a university degree and ten years’ professional experience will now earn more than HUF 400,000, instead of the current gross HUF 300,000. A vocational teacher who has been teaching for twenty years will earn HUF 356,000 or more, instead of the current HUF 274,000.

It was indicated that in the first phase of the transition, hourly wages will also increase by 50 percent, which are expected to reach market levels over time. Any overtime will also be paid accordingly. 

The government is providing HUF 35 billion a year for wage increases, with a focus on a performance-based, competitive, motivating pay system. In order to implement higher salaries and attract highly educated vocational teachers, these teachers will be subject to the general labor code, not the rigid pay scale used for civil servants. The expected result is higher and more flexible wages, while employers will also be able to more freely determine fringe benefits.

All vocational teachers will be required to attend continuing education sessions at least once every four years, especially in a corporate environment or training center. Mandatory teaching time will be calculated on an annual basis and may include time spent on, say, participation in digital creative centers, quality assurance, mentoring and expert work. 

Students also benefit from the system. Full-time students will receive a scholarship based on their performance, which can be replaced by a salary as their studies progress. 

From the 9th grade in vocational schools, a scholarship of HUF 15,000 will be available per month for all students. In the years following initial training, scholarships of up to HUF 10-50,000 per month may be awarded to those who cannot participate in external company training.

Participants in dual training can expect between 25 and 60 percent of the minimum wage, and up to 100 percent in their final year. It is a novelty that now students who pass a professional exam will receive between HUF 150-300,000.

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