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Imre Potyó wins the Grand Prize for Hungarian nature photography

This was his first time winning the Hungarian Nature Photography Grand Prize.

An exhibition of the best photos of the competition opened at the Uránia National Film Theater.

The Varázslatos Magyarország Naturfotó Nonprofit Kft. (VM) announced in January 2022 that it is launching a new professional award whose mission is to show the natural treasures of Hungary’s national parks through nature photography, thus raising awareness of the importance of nature conservation. 

The first-prize winner of the Hungarian Nature Photography Grand Prize was Imre Potyó, who won the Golden Crane statue designed and created by sculptor Szilárd Dienes, as well as a substantial cash prize. Irma Szabó came second and János Török was awarded third prize.

The VM team also decided to award the Golden Crane statue to nature photographers Bence Máté and Csaba Daróczi as Honorary Grand Prize winners of Hungarian Nature Photography, while Péter Gaál, founder of Varázslatos Magyarország, received the Perpetual Grand Prize of Hungarian Nature Photography.

An exhibition of 192 nature photographs, featuring the winning photographers’ images and the rich wildlife of Hungary’s 10 national parks, was opened at the ceremony.

The exhibition will be on display at Urania until April 4, the Hungarian Agricultural Museum from April 26, the Royal Castle in Gödöllő from June 18, the Hungarian Natural History Museum from August 10 and Evosoft Hungary in the second half of the year. A photo album of the exhibition’s images will be produced later this year, the organizers said.

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