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Ice Cream of the Year announced

The Hungarian Confectionery Association organized the Ice Cream of the Year competition for the 25th time in 2022.

The aim of the competition is to promote traditional, high-quality artisanal ice cream so that the Hungarian confectionery industry can offer its customers better and better quality ice cream, thus creating a demand for healthy and quality artisanal products.

This year, 74 ice creams were entered in the four categories of the Ice Cream of the Year competition. Entries were accepted in the “free” category, with ice creams that are free of added sugar, gluten, lactose and milk proteins. These ice creams are becoming increasingly popular with people with dietary requirements and food intolerances.

Results of confectioners and artisan ice cream makers:

  1. Gold Medal and Ice Cream of the Year: SZŐKE ZSERBÓ – Dobó Norbert – Füredi Fagyizó, Balatonfüred
  2. Silver medal: LAZY BERRY – László Ladányi – Ladányi Cukrászda, Szeghalom
  3. Bronze medal: TÖKMAG MÁLNA – Ádám Novák and Rita Elek, REÖK Kézműves Cukrászda, Szeged

Competition for confectioners and artisan ice cream makers:

  1. Gold medal: SZILVÁS FEKETE TEA – Dávid Wilheim – Pingvin Fagylaltozó és Cukrászda, Balatonmáriafürdő
  2. Silver medal: TÖK JÓ – Böröczky-Asztalos Ágnes – Margaréta Fagyizó, Balatonszemes
  3. Bronze medal: CSOKOLÁDÉ KÓKUSZ SORBET – Ferenc Reif – Dock Cukrászda, Polgárdi
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