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Hydrogen-based mobility needs international cooperation

Countries cannot develop hydrogen charging infrastructure on their own.

Hydrogen-based mobility cannot be solved as a domestic issue, according to the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association. The association believes that neighboring countries should get to know each other’s plans to develop hydrogen charging infrastructure development plans and coordinate them where possible. 

As MTI reported, the main objective of the V4 PLUSZ conference “Hydrogen – Present and Future in Mobility,” organized by the association jointly with the Ministry of Technology and Industry, is to talk about cooperation in the field of hydrogen mobility. 

It is particularly justified by the fact that hydrogen charging infrastructure is costly to develop and the use of expensive vehicles can be accelerated by maximizing its utilization, which international cooperation can help to achieve. Participants would have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with developments in the hydrogen sector, the most significant ongoing V4 national projects and strategies. 

The event will take place on June 8–9 at the ZalaZone test track and event center in Zalaegerszeg; a hydrogen technology demonstration and career guidance day will also take place, they added.

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