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Hungary’s passport is among the strongest in the world

According to the latest Henley Passport Index, Hungary's passport is ranked 9th.

The Henley Passport Index is compiled quarterly by investment consultancy Henley & Partners and based on IATA data. The firm ranks passports in each country according to the number of countries they can be used to travel to without a visa.

Passports from Japan and Singapore are at the top of the list in the latest edition compiled for October 2021; both allow travel to 192 countries without a visa. 

The Hungarian passport currently allows visa-free travel to 183 countries, ranking 9th on the list.

According to Henley & Partners, the already significant mobility gap between developed and developing economies will further widen due to COVID-19 entry restrictions

Professor Mehari Taddele Maru of the UN University’s Institute for Comparative Regional Integration Studies said that countries in the North have been implementing aggressive migration control strategies through strict border controls for some time now. Epidemiological restrictions have become a new tool to curb migration, according to the professor.

Kevin Bürchler, an expert at the SIP Medical Family Office in Switzerland, pointed out that a global hierarchy has also emerged between the different vaccines based on their acceptability. AstraZeneca leads the way, with more than 120 countries having approved this vaccine so far. It is followed by Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine with 98 countries, Sputnik V (71) and Moderna (69). 

The status of one’s vaccine is now perhaps even more important for global mobility rights than one’s passport, he said.

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