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Hungary’s military aircraft museum to house specially painted aircraft

Three decorated choppers will be on display from November 19

From November 19, the RepTár collection in Szolnok will be home to some specially painted airplanes for visitors to enjoy. The “Csőrike 2” and the “Szarvastehén” will be on display in the rotary-wing section of the museum.

The first aircraft to receive such decorative camouflage was the 1904 legendary MiG-21 fighter jet. Then the 117 Mi-24 “Csőrike” helicopter was airbrushed with eagles in 2000 by artist Zsolt Simkó. Because of the popularity of this work, another helicopter was painted for the 2007 International Airshow in Kecskemét: A 714 Mi-24 chopper featuring a design based on the NATO code word “Hind” (horn) and embellished with Hungary’s national colors in a red, white, and green cockade. 

In 2010, Zsolt Simkó recreated his “Birds of Prey” design for yet another occasion, resulting in the 716 Mi-24V “Csőrike 2.” All three aircraft, without their weapon-carrying half-wings and rotor blades, will be on display at RepTár. 

RepTár is a military aircraft museum in Hungary, known for its tours that take the museum experience to an entirely new level. Visitors can immerse themselves into aviation history – and the cockpits of military aircraft – via smartphones, virtual reality, high-resolution digital imaging, and motion control. The museum is also home to a 4D cinema.

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