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Hungary’s investment record was broken

Today, more people work in Hungary than in the spring of 2019.

The government has been working for a decade to give jobs to the Hungarian people, because if we have jobs, we have everything, Minister of Foreign affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó told a local newspaper.

The Minister also spoke about the economy, vaccine purchases and the domestic political situation. He stated that the government has so far supported the investments of 1,434 companies. HUF 1.7 trillion worth of developments have been created, and 270,000 jobs protected.

The minister stressed that despite the world economic downfall in 2020, the investment record in Hungary was broken. Global trade fell by 9 percent, but Hungarian exports expanded to over EUR 100 billion and exports as a share of GDP ranked 11th globally.

A total of 114 million people in the world were left without jobs, but more people work in Hungary today than two years ago, he said.

Furthermore, he noted that without the partnership of the Visegrad Four, there would now be immigration settlement quotas and the protection of external borders would not have been secured. At the same time, Brussels continues its efforts to dismantle the Visegrad Group, but they will fail — if the four countries continue to put their own national interests first and foremost and work together, he added.

Szijjártó also pointed out that Central Europe has always been at the center of great rivalries; there have been regular attempts to influence it since the change of regime, and it has always become clear which countries and which political groups and political organizations disguised as civilians are behind this effort, he added. 

Next year, a number of foreign forces will mobilize to bring victory to the Left, but this can be prevented if people vote to show that they are not asking for foreign intervention, anti-vaccination campaigns or migrant parties but for an Orbán government that protects national interests, the FM concluded. 

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