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Hungary’s green bond issue in Japan was a success

Hungary became the first foreign sovereign issuer to enter the yen green bond market in 2020.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance, Hungary issued bonds denominated in Japanese yen totaling EUR 500 million on the domestic Japanese capital market in September 2020. One-third of the bonds were green bonds, meaning they must be used to finance projects that support the environment and climate sustainability.

The Hungarian green bond won the International category of the Sustainable Finance Award of the Research Institute for Environmental Finance (RIEF), a Tokyo-based non-profit. The main goal of RIEF is to promote environmentally conscious financing in Japan. 

Secretary of State for Finance Gábor Gion and CEO of the Government Debt Management Center (ÁKK) Zoltán Kurali, who attended virtually, accepted the award. A Japanese business newspaper also acknowledged ÁKK’s work.

The Nikkei Group’s financial weekly, Nikkei Veritas, ranked Hungary’s sovereign September 2020 transaction third on its list of “Best samurai bond issues in 2020.”

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