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Hungary’s gas storage capacity reached 70 percent

Hungary is the third best in Europe when it comes to gas reserves relative to consumption.

According to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Office (MEKH), the Hungarian gas storage capacity was 70.11 percent full on September 19, with 4.44 billion cubic meters of gas stored. This volume represents 112.26 percent of annual residential consumption.

In terms of gas reserves relative to consumption, Hungary stands at 40.55 percent. The two countries with higher filling rates than Hungary are Austria (72.91 percent) and Slovakia (53.59 percent).

According to the timetable set by the European Union’s gas storage regulation, Hungary has to store 35 percent of its five-year average consumption, or 3.65 billion cubic meters, by 1 November. In contrast, Hungary has stored 42.57 percent of its average domestic consumption over the last five years in underground storage, thanks to a faster storage schedule than the regulation requires.

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