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Hungary’s future depends on innovation

Minister for Culture and Innovation János Csák debated with former Culture Minister István Hiller (MSZP) at the Tranzit event in Tihany on Saturday.

Hungary’s future depends on whether we can make our startups and scientists self-reliant and successful, Csák said, stressing that the future depends on applying Hungarian ingenuity not only in family and science policy, but also in innovation and the economy.

Reacting to István Hiller’s suggestion of moderation in launching large-scale cultural investments, which would jeopardize the maintenance of existing ones, Csák said that as long as he is minister, there will be no unnecessary prestige investments.

In the debate on the university structure, Hiller said he could not accept that all the universities in the countryside had been taken out of state ownership and asked why the Széchenyi Academy of Literature received HUF 28 million in budget support, while the Hungarian Academy of Arts received more than HUF 3 billion. 

“We are giving opportunities to institutions and artists who have been underestimated in the world just because they were on the national side,” the minister said. 

The event Tranzit was held for the fourth time this year; its topic was the collective reflection on the future of Hungary with dozens of presentations and debates, almost a hundred speakers and thousands of participants. 

All the main right-wing conservative communities were represented, but the event has traditionally also been a forum for substantive debate between right and left.

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