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Hungary’s Christmas Candy of the Year is made in Kiskunlacháza

Demeter Chocolate won the title of Christmas Candy of the Year 2020 with its salted caramel flavor.

All Hungarian producers of the special Christmas candies (known in Hungarian as “szaloncukor”) were invited to the competition and manufacturers nominated a total of 109 flavors for the competition, according to the owners of the YouTube channel “I Love Chocolate,” Ádám Kovács and Gergely Kovács.

In addition to large companies, the competition gives smaller and artisanal manufacturers the opportunity to reach out to consumers. Sándor Sánta, president of the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers, said that 3,500 tons of szaloncukor, which is a hungaricum, are sold in Hungary every year. 

According to their surveys, 90 percent of households buy Christmas candy in an average quantity of 1 kilogram at a price of HUF 2,000 per kilogram.The most popular flavors on the market are jelly, coconut, caramel, chocolate cream, marzipan and hazelnut cream.

The winners of the Christmas candy competition this year according to YouTube channel “I Love Chocolate” are as follows:

Christmas Candy 2020: Demeter Chocolate with its salted caramel candy, followed by Gyula Kézműves Cukrászda with a coconut cream candy and Stühmer’s pistachio cream confection.

Handcrafted Christmas Candy: a hazelnut milk chocolate from the Handicraft Confectionery (Kézműves Cukrászda); second place went to a grape brandy version from Demeter Chocolate, while third place was awarded to the Sulyán confectionery for its salted, pumpkin seed candy.

Meanwhile, in the Sugar-Free category, first place went to Sulyán Confectionery for an almond, prune, walnut, dark chocolate Christmas candy; second place, a milk chocolate filled peanut cream from Stühmer; and third, Tesco Finest’s almond-chocolate option.

The Lactose-free Christmas Candy of the Year was awarded to Damniczki Confectionery for its wine-raspberry Christmas candy (made with a merlot from Pál Mészáros Winery in Szekszárd), followed by a rum-cocoa creation from Lissé Fitt and a banana Christmas candy from Chocco Garden.

An orange-flavored confection dipped in Belgian dark chocolate from Upper Bars won the title of Gluten-Free Christmas Candy of the Year, followed by the Monkey Bread’s peanut butter candy and one from Szerencs Paleobon filled with peanut cream.

The Christmas Candy of the Year priced below HUF 499/100 grams was a Tesco Christmas candy filled with caramel cream, followed by Dolcetta Quiet Night’s rum-cocoa version, and, lastly, a milk caramel Christmas candy from Auchan. 

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