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Hungary’s August 20 holiday will feature multiple events

The 20th of August is the national holiday of Hungary, commemorating the founding of the state and in memory of its first king, Stephen I.

Thanks to the successful fight against COVID-19, the government is considering relaunching the economy with various events on St. Stephen’s Day, the 20th of August. 

Government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirály stressed that they hope the situation with the coronavirus will remain stable so the events can be held, as they will help relaunch the economy and support many sectors – including the music industry, service industry and event management industry – where serious problems have arisen in recent months.

Budapest and other cities are planning multi-day events. Budapest will feature events in every corner of the city and host Budapest’s traditional fireworks spectacle, while Debrecen is planning to organize the famous Flower Carnival that was first organized in 1966.

Szentkirály also noted that although Hungary has succeeded in fighting the first wave of the virus, the government wants to be prepared for the second wave and is thus requesting people indicate what measures they found to be most effective in the national consultation survey.

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