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Hungary’s agricultural production has grown

Agricultural production has grown by 42 percent in Hungary over the past decade.

Hungary’s growth in agricultural production is more than double the 20 percent average growth measured in the European Union over the last 10 years, ranking Hungary fifth in this sector for this time period. 

The new publication from the EU’s statistical office looked at the agriculture sectors across the continent based on 2019 data. The survey points out that the total volume of agricultural production for Hungary was EUR 8.7 billion (approximately HUF 3.1 trillion), while it was EUR 418 billion in the EU.

So, Hungary accounted for 2 percent of EU production last year. Compared to the agricultural production of the EU Member States in 2018 and 2019, it can be said that farming in Europe increased on average 2.4 percent in the period under review.

For last year, the expansion of Hungarian agriculture is almost one percentage point higher than the EU average at 3.3 percent. This puts Hungary in the middle of Europe between Portugal (3.2 percent) and the Netherlands (3.5 percent). Latvia (21 percent) is at the forefront of the Union in this respect, followed by Estonia (16 percent) and Denmark (13 percent).

The average agricultural production per capita in the European Union was EUR 935 (about HUF 337,000) in 2019. For Hungary, this figure was EUR 892 (HUF 321,000), just behind the EU average and still ranking it tenth in Europe. 

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