Hungary will produce its own medical masks

Hungary has become self-sufficient in the production of masks that protect against the virus.

Vajda Papír now has a modern production line that will be used to make one million medical-quality masks a day in Dunaföldvár, Finance Minister Mihály Varga announced. 

The minister of finance emphasized that investments in healthcare will strengthen not only Hungary’s self-sufficiency but also the relaunch of the Hungarian economy. COVID-19 has proven how important defense capabilities are, so the government has decided to launch the Healthcare Industry Support Program. The program aims to make Hungary self-sufficient in the production of healthcare protective devices, reducing the range of products that must be procured from abroad. 

Via this program, the government contributed HUF 1.1 billion to the HUF 1.4 billion investment of Vajda Papír. The development created 16 new jobs and ensured the preservation of 134 jobs, Varga explained.

The program started with a budget of HUF 50 billion and supported 46 investments. In recent months, the Hungarian healthcare industry has shown it has the requisite professional knowledge and skills, prompting the state to increase the program’s budget to HUF 68 billion. 

Supported projects include the production of protective equipment, medical devices, pharmaceutical raw materials and disinfection products, the minister explained.

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