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Hungary wants everyone who is able to work to have a job

Labor market reforms that have helped increase employment now set to cover all of Hungary

Hungary’s employment program began last August, and already 50,000 people have started working because of it. Finance Minister Mihály Varga said that the program will be extended from the current 15 counties to the entire country by early 2020; he also noted that the program primarily targets disadvantaged segments of society. 

The program has been focused on improving district employment departments of the public sector to more effectively help companies in the private sector find the workers they need to develop and grow. After an initial screening, job seekers can target those employers most likely to be looking for someone with their given abilities and skill set. 

Minister Varga proudly stated that around half a million previously inactive workers have returned to the domestic labor market since 2010. The activity rate has risen to nearly 73 percent, and the unemployment rate has recently dropped to around 3 percent. The average time spent looking for a job has also been declining for years. Furthermore, public sector employment has decreased, as private sector jobs have increased. Most importantly, the majority of workers outsourced to companies via the new government program have remained at their job after three months, indicating that workers are finding more than temporary positions.

The program is set to reach job seekers throughout Hungary, extending to Budapest, Zala, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Veszprém, and Vas by early 2020.

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