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Hungary to receive its first electric-hybrid locomotive

Rail Cargo Hungaria is taking a pioneering step in Europe to ensure a sustainable future for rail freight.

The electric-hybrid locomotive was designed by engineers from the world’s largest vehicle manufacturing company, CRRC Zhuzhou, and was manufactured at a plant in Hunan Province. If the locomotive lives up to its promise, another 20 shunting engines and 20 traction locomotives will follow.

Based on a contract concluded in 2019, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd. is developing electric-hybrid, zero-emission shunting and high-performance traction locomotives for rail freight according to the parameters specified by Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH).

At the handover ceremony for the high-tech traction locomotive, Kotiers Romania, a member of the RCH board of directors, spoke about how environmentally friendly locomotives will be deployed more efficiently and flexibly than current solutions.

Whereas trains typically need to switch to a diesel locomotive to reach the final destination, the Last Mile electric-hybrid train can move on the open track as a pantograph locomotive, then transport freight in battery mode for several tens of kilometers to the end point — usually the BILK logistics center for Rail Cargo Hungaria.

The environmental impact is important here, as electric-hybrid locomotives are replacing diesel locomotives, which are significant polluters.

In addition to Hungary, Rail Cargo Hungaria is expected to use the traction locomotives in Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria.

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