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Hungary to produce its own protective health equipment

The Hungarian government is using HUF 50 billion toward the development of healthcare production capacities, announced Mihály Varga, Minister of Finance.

The minister emphasized that it is in Hungary’s best interest to be self-sufficient in the production of healthcare equipment because then it will not be exposed to the ups and downs of the international market in the event of another wave of the epidemic.

Without a strong domestic production, the country may find itself in a vulnerable position if global supply chains are temporarily disrupted, Varga emphasized. The government’s goal is to prepare for a possible next epidemic and ensure that healthcare can be provided on an ongoing basis.

The Ministry of Finance held consultations with leaders in the healthcare industry, with whom they are able to build the needed capacities. Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), they have identified the critical product ranges used in healthcare that a country may need in the event of a natural, industrial or biological disaster or emergency. 

The new funding of HUF 50 billion can be used for expanding the capacities of existing producers or to develop entirely new capacities for greenfield investments. 

Back in May 2020, the Ministry of Human Capacities and the University of Debrecen also signed a cooperation agreement for a national vaccine factory.

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