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Hungary to open its internal Schengen borders

If the pandemic does not take a new, unexpected turn, Hungary will lift the guarding of border crossing points at the internal Schengen border and open all closed crossing points on June 24.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced the news at a press conference held with the presidents of the three Hungarian Highland (in present-day Slovakia) parties: the Hungarian Community Party (Magyar Közösség Pártja; MKP), the Bridge (Híd) and the Coalition (Összefogás).

The minister called Hungary’s the most successful vaccination campaign in Europe and pointed out some additional steps to return to normalcy. The plan is for Hungary to restore normal transit at its internal Schengen borders starting June 24, he added. 

Only 19 of the 36 border crossings between Hungary and Slovakia are currently operational, and if this decision is implemented, it will finally be possible to travel on all cross-border roads between the two countries, Péter Szijjártó explained.

He added that they also plan to allow people living in the counties and regions bordering Hungary to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in Hungary.

Apart from Slovakia, Hungary has an internal Schengen border with Austria and Slovenia. It can be concluded from the minister’s announcement that Hungary will also stop guarding border crossings at the Austrian and Slovenian borders starting next week.

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