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Hungary starts to fine-tune its research support system

The dialogue aims to fine-tune the scientific evaluation system to improve the work of critics and support research excellence.

At the initiative of László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, negotiations will begin in September between the Ministry of Innovation, the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation and the management of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), as the supreme body of the Hungarian scientific community, will thus play a more significant role in the system of applications for National Science Research Programs (OTKA).

Next year’s call can help the efficient financing of research and the better utilization of resources with a larger budget and substantial simplifications. The terms and conditions of the 2021 OTKA applications will be developed by the Ministry together with representatives of colleges and the scientific community this autumn.

The primary goal of OTKA applications is to support research excellence, the objective measure of which is based on the number of publications, citations and, especially, independent references. The aim is to support research that has been published extensively by leading researchers so that they are expected to perform well in their field in the future. 

An essential condition for the selection of internationally competitive research projects is that the professional aspects of evaluation be supplemented with a system of tools that makes scientific performance measurable through objective indicators, the Ministry of Innovation emphasized.

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