Hungary sets investment record in 2021

Tamás Menczer, State Secretary for Communication and the International Representation of Hungary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, announced the news on Thursday.

In 2021, the investment agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade managed 422 projects that received a positive investment decision, worth a record EUR 5.9 billion, Menczer said. 

He pointed out that the investments helped to preserve 65,000 jobs and create 14,000 new ones.

The ministry has 96 major investments. The largest and most job-creating investments are linked to South Korean companies, while the largest number of projects are implemented by German companies, he said. Considering all aspects, South Korea, Germany and the United States are the leading investors in Hungary, he added.

The state secretary said that 14 major investments were linked to Hungarian companies, and there have been 19 major investments in high value-added sectors including research and development, the services sector, and info-communications.

“It is obvious that both Eastern and Western companies see Hungary as an important investment destination,” Menczer said, adding that Hungary has maintained jobs and created new ones even during the coronavirus epidemic.

“Hungary is moving forward, not backwards,” Menczer concluded.

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