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Hungary ranks among the world’s best countries for international students

According to CEOWORLD, Hungary is among the top 20 countries that are the most advantageous for international students.

In addition to obtaining a degree, studying abroad can bring numerous benefits. Students can get to know the culture of a given country, learn an unknown language, and look forward to better career opportunities as well as leisure activities.

CEOWORLD, a business management magazine, compiled a list of the most advantageous destinations for international students. Based on the list, the United States is the best choice to study abroad, but Australia (2nd) and the UK (3rd) are not far behind. The top 10 also include Canada (4th), France, (5th) Germany (6th), Switzerland (7th), Japan (8th), Russia (9th) and China (10th).

In the region, Hungary took 18th place. Poland ended up in 13th place, while Austria ranked 19th, the Czech Republic took 31st place and Slovakia is not on the list. 

The ranking was based on 11 equally weighted indicators. They examined, among other things, the education system, access to higher education, the number of research institutes, financial support, specialist expertise, connections to various industries, how a country’s higher education institutions perform in different global rankings and the issue of student and post-graduate visas. 

The full list can be viewed here.

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