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Hungary needs more charging stations to further develop e-mobility

The government is working on a program to help expand the network of electric chargers.

The number of cars with green license plates has doubled in Hungary in a year and a half, and the number of pure electric cars has exceeded 30,000. However, the charging network is already a barrier to further development, Attila Steiner, minister of state for energy at the Ministry of Technology and Industry, told InfoRadio.

The state secretary also said that the government has so far not intervened in the market mechanisms for charging infrastructure, but is working on a program for the wider dissemination of electric chargers.

With the help of the Green Bus Program, 76 electric buses have already been put into service. Thanks to the initiative, a total of 139 clean and quiet vehicles have so far been purchased with a public contribution, he said. 

The state secretary pointed out that there are 2,800-2,900 buses in local transport in Hungary, of which 1,100 are to be replaced by electric buses in the next few years, adding that the program also has an industrial development leg, as domestic manufacturers can produce electric buses.

With government support, 6,624 electric cars and 112 electric scooters have been purchased by individuals, businesses and other organizations, and thousands of electric-assisted bicycles have already been made available to customers with government assistance.

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