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Hungary needs its researchers for the relaunch

Some HUF 30 billion in innovative wage subsidies for researchers and developers helped to preserve the jobs of highly qualified professionals.

Thanks to the government’s program, also unique in international terms, about 1,500 companies have been able to keep their engineers and IT specialists during the epidemic, allowing them to better contribute to the economic relaunch. 

The wage subsidy will enable the country to expand in innovation and research and development, which is the future of Hungary, Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics said.

Employers were able to submit their wage subsidy applications for their employees working in research, development and innovation from April to August in 2020 and from January until May 2021.

The per capita amount of support provided in the program for a period of three months may not exceed HUF 318,920 per month. Also, the employer receiving support is obliged to keep the workers concerned employed for at least three months and not reduce their wages. The program can thus guarantee the retention of high value-added professionals at these companies until the end of November.

RDI wage support helped to preserve nearly 23,000 jobs in 2020 and about 17,000 in 2021. A total of more than 1,5000 companies were able to receive support for about 28,000 employees. These enterprises operate mainly in manufacturing; information communication; and professional, scientific and technical activities; there are also commercial and construction companies. Most of them are micro, small or medium enterprises, and most applications came from the capital as well as Veszprém and Pest counties.

We already met the strategic goal set for 2020 to increase the number of Hungarian researchers from 38,000 in 2013 to 56,000. According to the annual summary report of the Central Statistical Office, more than 58,000 researchers worked in Hungary in 2019,  László Palkovics said. 

Due to the favorable development of the epidemic situation, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology no longer considered a summer extension to be justified.

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