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Hungary must be able to act and succeed

The European Enterprise Awards recognize the most creative and successful enterprise development programs.

János Csák, minister for culture and innovation, announced at the Business Development Council meeting in Budapest on Monday that the government wants Hungarians to be able to act, whatever the situation. 

The European Commission has held the European Enterprise Awards since 2006, recognizing the most creative and successful enterprise development programs.

The best applications received in the national round were submitted to the international round in two categories. The Youth Business Group Association was awarded in the Entrepreneurship Promotion category and the Junior Achievement Foundation was presented in the Entrepreneurship Education category.

The main objective of the Youth Business Group Association’s program is to promote practice-oriented student organization activities in higher education institutions that foster student excellence and promote career development. Participants in the training will be able to attend professional lectures to learn about the latest industry trends. 

The initiative, which started in 2014 with 10 people from Corvinus University of Budapest, currently has 21 student organizations in 12 universities in four countries and 1,200 active members.

The Junior Achievement Foundation is helping to improve digital skills through its vallalkozzokosan.eu program, which develops learning materials for 12-25-year-olds. The main topics available on the portal are related to basic entrepreneurship skills. Launched in February 2021, the portal has 1,838 registered users and more than 17,000 courses completed.

The European Enterprise Awards are open to businesses, NGOs, municipalities and public bodies with programs that have been running successfully for at least 15 months.

The European jury’s grand prize will be awarded to the most creative and inspiring business development program in Europe for the year. 

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