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Hungary launches the largest humanitarian operation in its history

Hungary has taken in one and a half million refugees from Ukraine and is ready to rebuild a school and a medical clinic in the Kiev region, among other projects.

Speaking at a donors’ conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in New York on the sidelines of this year’s UN General Assembly, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó underlined that so far one and a half million refugees have arrived in Hungary and that the authorities are providing jobs for parents who want to stay as well as education and healthcare for their children.

He said that more than 4,000 Ukrainian children had started kindergarten or school in Hungary at the beginning of September in some 1,250 institutions, and that the authorities were doing their utmost to overcome language barriers.

The minister added that Hungary is ready to fully rebuild a bombed school and a medical clinic in the Kiev region. 

The government has also offered 1,000 scholarship places for refugee students at higher education institutions in Hungary and has undertaken to provide special medical care for 130 children.

Szijjártó underlined that as a neighbor of Ukraine, Hungary is clearly and directly affected by the negative effects of the war; the country is therefore extremely interested in bringing the armed conflict to an end as soon as possible.

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