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Hungary joins declaration to halt global deforestation

The Hungarian government is committed to the conservation of forests and the sustainable use of natural resources.

In a statement sent to MTI, Péter Zambó, Minister of State for Forests at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that Hungary joined the Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use, among other initiatives, where Hungary was the 53rd country to sign the declaration.

Hungary’s position is clear and consistent on forests, that they are key to mitigating the effects of climate change. The government, including the Ministry of Agriculture, is therefore doing its utmost to preserve existing forests and increase wooded areas, both at the national and international level, he said. 

 “Nothing is more indicative of the seriousness of our efforts than the fact that, for the first time since the regime change, the Ministry of Agriculture has an independent state secretariat dealing with the 2 million hectares of Hungarian forests, and the Ministry announced a National Afforestation Program in 2019,” Zambó said.

Hungary takes the enforcement of forest protection legislation seriously, such as EU regulations banning the import of illegally sourced timber, and is an active player in global processes supporting forest conservation and sustainable forest management.

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