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Hungary is the only V4 country to increase household wealth since 2010

As a percentage of GDP, household wealth has jumped 37 percent.

Out of the Visegrád Four countries, only Hungary has managed to increase its net household wealth, said Géza Sebestyén, research director of the Oeconomus Foundation for Economic Research. 

Speaking on Hungary’s M1 channel this past weekend, the director stated that recent research shows that the Hungarian population’s net wealth as a percentage of GDP increased from 70 percent to 107 percent between 2010 and 2018. As a comparison, this 37 percent equals the total value of Slovakia’s net household wealth as a share of GDP. As to Czech Republic and Poland, their figures come in at around half of Hungary’s household wealth as a percentage of GDP.

The group’s research looked at cash and bank deposits, retail government securities, and equity savings. Real estate assets have also increased significantly due to higher home prices, but this indicator could not be examined due to the lack of comparable data, Sebestyén noted.

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