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Hungary is the most attractive investment location in the region

Róbert Ésik, CEO of the National Investment Agency (HIPA), said that investment promotion is now the most important task.

Ésik spoke at the conference “Relaunch of Hungary,” where he highlighted that the investment rate in Hungary has been over 27 percent since 2017.

Hungary’s ability to attract capital is very high, which is extremely important. E-mobility, for example, has developed significantly during the crisis, but the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have also become important, Ésik explained.

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, the CEO said that over EUR 4 billion in investments came to Hungary in 2020.  

Subsidies related to the coronavirus also helped in crisis management, and 97 large foreign investments were successfully concluded.

Eastern investors (India, Korea, China) have become important, but relations with Western companies have also been preserved, Róbert Ésik summarized. 

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