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Hungary is the 10th best wine tourism destination

A study by Bounce compiled the world's top wine tourism destinations.

Bounce looked at factors such as wine consumption and production, the number of vineyards and wineries, and the average price per bottle of wine. Before the list was compiled, 26 countries were visited, where consumption, production, exports, the number of vineyards, the number of wine cellars and the average price of a bottle of wine were also assessed.

Destinations were awarded 10 points for each of these criteria, which were then averaged to produce a ranking. Much of the data collected and analyzed in the study were taken from the OIV’s State of the World Vitivinicultural Sector in 2020 report. 

Italy, the largest wine producer with 400 grape varieties and 82 million hectoliters of wine per 100,000 inhabitants, tops the ranking. It is followed by Portugal, the country with the best wine regions and the largest wine consumption, and Spain with the largest area used for wine production.

Hungary is ranked 10th on the list.

According to Bounce, 18.5 million hectoliters of wine is consumed and 28 million hectoliters per 100,000 people are produced on 67,000 hectares in Hungary. There are 667 wine tastings per 100,000 people in Hungary, and the average price of a bottle of wine is USD 4.32 (HUF 1,400). 

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