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Hungary is one step closer to becoming climate-neutral

The country’s first mobile hydrogen filling station was handed over at the site of Linde Gáz Magyarország Zrt.

Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics refueled a forklift and then a car with hydrogen at the site of Linde Gáz Magyarország Zrt. 

A complete hydrogen filling network is in the works, and a hydrogen fuel cell bus will also be manufactured at a domestic plant. All of this can help make Hungary climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest, local television reported.

Hydrogen has numerous benefits. It can be produced anywhere, is climate-neutral and also serves our industrial development goals properly, the minister said. If we look at the importance of hydrogen, a number of areas can be highlighted. Obviously, there will be more of these in the coming period. I think that the importance of hydrogen as an industrial fuel cannot be emphasized enough, he said.

For example, it can revolutionize transportation. Hydrogen trucks and buses may be cheaper than electric ones, but perhaps even more important is the fact that, while surplus electricity produced in the country cannot be stored, hydrogen produced from electricity can be stored and then later used at any time by converting it back into energy.

Ákos Hegedűs, CEO of Linde Gáz, called the handover of the special filling station a milestone.

This so-called test hydrogen filling station is of historic significance, something that has never been seen in Hungary before. Now, for the first time, you can refuel trucks, buses and cars here. Plus, vehicle manufacturers and distributors have the opportunity to test their technology [pertaining to hydrogen-powered cars], he said.

The government will discuss the possibility of adopting a so-called hydrogen strategy next week to make the widest possible use of it. One element of this will be the construction of a hydrogen filling network; there are plans to build at least 20 by 2030.

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