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Hungary is becoming more self-sufficient in the field of healthcare

The government has signed an agreement with five Hungarian companies for HUF 9 billion under the Health Industry Support Program.

In his recent video message, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga spoke about the Healthcare Support Program that was launched to secure Hungary’s healthcare needs not only from external but also from domestic sources.

These developments will strengthen Hungary and make it more capable of dealing with the current crisis as well as future challenges, the minister added. 

According to plans, contracts will be concluded with even more companies with the aim of continuing to allocate the program’s budget of HUF 50 billion via various tenders. 

Varga mentioned that the Hungarian economy will hopefully return to its previous growth in 2021 once the vaccine arrives, and he is confident that the healthcare sector will play a key role in the economic rebound. The government is also looking to help these Hungarian healthcare companies, such as those below, enter foreign markets:

  • Mold Tech Kft. will strengthen the production of ventilators and disinfection devices in Zalaegerszeg with an investment of HUF 4.5 billion, for which the government will provide HUF 3.5 billion in support. 
  • FF Fémfeldolgozó Zrt. is producing hospital equipment from HUF 650 million in Mezőtúr, with support of HUF 508.7 million. 
  • Medicor Elektronica Zrt. will establish a new plant in Budapest for the production of medical devices from HUF 1.3 billion, for which it will receive HUF 1.02 billion in support. 
  • Thermotechnika-Crown Cool Kft. is developing air purification equipment in Tatabánya from HUF 450 million with a subsidy of HUF 425.9 million. 
  • Florin Zrt. will increase its disinfectant capacity in Szeged with an investment of 2.5 billion, which will be accompanied by a HUF 1.98 billion grant from the program.
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