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Hungary has developed its own ventilator

Clinical testing of a ventilator developed at the Budapest University of Technology (BME) will begin soon.

Tamás Dabóczi, professor of the Department of Measurement Technology and Information Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at BME, said at the project’s presentation on Monday that the clinical trial of the ventilator will be kept under strict medical supervision in three institutions.

The professor also reported that within just two months, the university was able to develop a ventilator that can compete with other available devices on the world market. Speaking about the development, Dabóczi mentioned that “the implementation of the ventilator combines the knowledge of several specialties, as 36 employees from nine departments at the university worked on the project.” He added that the equipment can be mass-produced and can be used both to save lives and for therapy.

Tibor Gulyás, Deputy State Secretary for Innovation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said that the Ministry supports several projects related to the coronavirus, “including mask manufacturing, vaccine development and a sewage research program.”

“Following the declaration of the state of emergency, an unprecedented development partnership has developed in the country, which proves that the domestic innovation ecosystem is working well,” Gulyás said. The production of the ventilator developed by BME has started at BM Heros Zrt., where ten devices will be manufactured daily.

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