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Hungary has become one of the European leaders in employment

June-August this year was the first time that the three-month average of people employed exceeded 4.7 million.

The number of people working in the primary labor market also rose to a record level, with an annual increase of 62,000, the Ministry of Technology and Industry said in the latest data from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH). 

The employment figures show that the government’s crisis management is proving effective, even in the context of an epidemic and a war economy. However, the prolonged war and the sanctions imposed by Brussels are deepening the economic and energy crisis, which is why the government is planning a new job protection action.

The employment rate for 15-64 year-olds is close to 75 percent, according to a recent flash estimate by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH). The unemployment rate has fallen to one-third since 2010, about half the EU average. By the summer of this year, there were 34,000 fewer unemployed than in the same period last year. The unemployment rate among young people has fallen from under 30 percent at the start of the last decade to below 10 percent, the ministry points out. 

State Secretary for Industry and Labor Market Zsolt Kutnyánszky said that since 2010 Hungary has become one of the European leaders in employment. 

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