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Hungary further supports economic and population growth

VP Lajos Kósa emphasized the success of past programs and the government’s dedication to making sure Hungary remained on a path of growth.

Fidesz Vice President Lajos Kósa confirmed that Parliament’s autumn season will see an expansion of the government’s family support system in order to ensure that Hungary’s population, which no longer is in decline, continues to grow steadily. For this, the proper family policy tools will be necessary, Kósa stated, saying that “we will have quite a few such suggestions” on this front.

Despite Hungary’s economic growth and success over the past decade, Kósa admitted that the rest of Europe, and especially Germany, going forward look alarmingly unfavorable. Because of this, Hungary will need protective mechanisms even more so to help sustain and continue its growth, and the government will thus be introducing a new economic protection program as well.  The VP emphasized that past programs have worked well, expanding the economy, increasing wages, and boosting employment.

He also noted that these two directives – furthering economic and population growth – have always been at the center of Fidesz’s campaign and goals. 

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