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Hungary focuses on entrepreneurs in the Carpathian Basin

2021 is an important year for the economy of the Carpathian Basin.

State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office János Árpád Potápi called it the result of 10+ years of Hungarian national policy that the cooperation in the Carpathian Basin was able to now focus on the economy.

Potápi said at the fourth meeting of the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Entrepreneurs that the forums of the Hungarian Permanent Conference and the Hungarian Diaspora Council decided last November that 2021 would be the year of “national resumption” in the Carpathian Basin.

The economic development program started first in Vojvodina, then in Transcarpathia, the Highlands and other regions, he added. The state secretary said that the economic development programs are operating at a much higher level today and are attempting to network enterprises throughout the Carpathian Basin.

The Hungarian government pursued a different economic policy from many other countries during the coronavirus epidemic. Due to this, Hungary can expect one of the highest GDP growth rates in the European Union, András Tállai, State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, stressed. 

The government has helped the corporate sector with wage subsidies, for example, and not increased unemployment benefits as the left suggested, he added.

“Supporting investments that will create economic growth in the coming years has played a major role in our economic policy,” he said.

János Árpád Potápi said that in 2015, the State Secretariat began to strengthen the economy of Hungarians abroad. The first step was the renewal of vocational training, and Hungarian entrepreneurs have received continuous support since 2016, when the summer training of Carpathian Basin entrepreneurs was organized for the first time in Mezőkövesd. 

2016 was the year of young Hungarian entrepreneurs abroad, and 2017 became the year of Hungarian family businesses abroad, and the focus is now on strengthening the economy throughout the Carpathian Basin. 

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