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Hungary-China relations are predictable and stable

Q Contemporary Museum founded by businesswoman Queenie Rosita Law opens in Budapest.

Relations between Hungary and China are characterized by predictability and stability, but it is important that this cooperation also has a human basis, which can be best created through education and culture, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said at the opening ceremony. 

The minister stressed that Hungary has established a predictable, stable and mutually respectful system of relations with China and Hong Kong over the past decade.

He pointed out that there are five Confucius Institutes in Hungary, that there has been a Hungarian Cultural Institute in Beijing for almost a decade, and that there are many other places in China where it is possible to learn Hungarian.

The exhibition space in the former Rausch Villa on Andrássy Avenue, which covers 1,000 square meters, will bring new color to Budapest’s already vibrant art scene, creating an opportunity for contemporary Hungarian artists to find their way to the public.

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