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Hungary can become one of the regional leaders in e-sports

With the shutdown of sports arenas, e-sports have become the focus.

While traditional sports are increasingly shifting towards digital and hybrid solutions that enhance the digitized fan experience, e-sports is clearly at the forefront of addressing future consumers, the Z and Alpha generations.

The market of e-sports-related services and product sales, with a turnover of HUF 50 billion in 2020, is already one of the most important sectors in the region.

PwC estimates that 2.7 billion people play worldwide today. 

The global growth of the e-sports industry is estimated at USD 1.3 billion, which it approached in 2020, and has since far exceeded the so-called critical mass, making it increasingly attractive to market participants, investors and advertisers alike.

We see strengthening Hungary’s regional role in e-sports as a key strategic goal. One of our highlights is the V4 Future Sports Festival, our large-scale event recruiting from 11 countries. Our e-sports events can be followed online, across borders, and addressing an audience of this size and composition is extremely forward-looking in terms of country image, György Balázs Biró, president of the “One Million for Hungarian e-sports” movement and chief organizer of the V4 Future Sports Festival, said.

According to an industry survey conducted in the first half of 2021, there are 3.7 million players in Hungary, of whom approximately 640,000 can be considered the foundation for Hungarian e-sports. They are the ones who play competitively and also follow the live broadcasts of online competitions.

Industry experts say further amazing advances are expected in the coming years, mostly in mobile and virtual reality-based games and 5G-related developments. The exponentially growing young audience also determines the overall economic weight of the industry, and they are also the most attractive consumer base for sponsors and partners as well. 

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