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Hungary buys Russian vaccines for one million people

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced that he managed to agree on the purchase of vaccines and also made progress on the purchase of gas.

Unfortunately, the vaccine is arriving slowly from the EU, so it was critical for Hungary to reach an agreement with Russia to have access to a large quantity of the coronavirus vaccine from another source, the minister said.

Hungary has bought two million doses of coronavirus vaccine from Russia to vaccinate one million people, Foreign Minister Szijjártó said in his announcement after meeting Sergei Lavrov. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Hungary will purchase these doses in three installments: 300,000 vaccines will arrive in the first month, 500,000 in the second month, and 200,000 in the third month.

This is a huge step forward, as there are 100-150 deaths in Hungary every day, and the restrictions are causing more than HUF 10 billion in damage to Hungary.

The FM noted that he was in Moscow to negotiate the purchase of gas as well. The Hungarian government will continue to strive to develop bilateral relations with Russia on the basis of mutual respect, Szijjártó said at the end of the meeting, after thanking Sergei Lavrov for his cooperation and support.

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