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Hungary aims to send a spacecraft to space in 2024

Space research set to play important role in foreign economic and policy goals.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, said that Hungary plans on training a second Hungarian astronaut to be ready for deployment to the International Space Station by 2024. Speaking at the European Space Agency (ESA) Space19 + Ministerial Conference in Seville, the FM also said he had been in New Zealand to launch Hungary’s second and third satellites, which will measure artificial electromagnetic smog in a high atmosphere for the first time. 

Szijjártó stated that the space industry will be one of Hungary’s most important industries going forward. The minister noted that despite Hungary’s massive accumulation of expertise and technology in the field, the country has never been a real factor in space. It now seeks to change that. 

Other goals include having an independent satellite in orbit by 2024 and cooperating with Russia to bring Hungarian scientific and measurement equipment to the International Space Station by 2024. A micro-satellite fleet is also in the works. 

Additionally, in 2020, a national space research fund will be established as of January 1, and Budapest will host a space research conference to celebrate the anniversary of the first Hungarian space flight in 1980.

Space research will be added to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the peaceful use of space will now form part of its foreign economic and policy goals.

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