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Hungary aims to maintain energy efficiency and reduce bills

One of the solutions that will have the fastest impact is to increase energy efficiency.

The European Union’s legislative packages on energy efficiency and renewable energies aim to ensure that energy is available and affordable and guarantee Europe’s energy independence, Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics said in Luxembourg. 

After the meeting of energy ministers from the member states, László Palkovics told Hungarian journalists that the implementation of the two EU legislative packages means not only energy independence from Russia but also energy availability.

Neither is cheap nor can be achieved in the short term, but the issue of Europe’s energy supply has been put in a different light since the Russia-Ukraine war, he said. 

According to Palkovics, the question has also raised whether there is energy available in Europe. With energy prices at unprecedented highs, any kind of problem raises serious questions about security of supply, he warned.

On renewable energy sources, he stressed that the local use of such energies contributes to energy independence, as well as greening the environment and making energy affordable.

In Hungary, the implementation of the targets of the energy efficiency obligation scheme and maintaining lower energy bills are interlinked, he said.

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