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Hungary aims to achieve energy autonomy

Hungary's gas supply is secure.

Hungary’s energy system plan not only seeks to make the Hungarian energy system greener and more climate-friendly, but also aims to achieve energy autonomy for the country. 

Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics told MTI after the meeting of energy ministers from EU member states that Hungary must become as independent as possible in terms of energy supply.

Hungary started down the path to energy autonomy more than a decade ago and now has gas and electricity transmission points from all neighboring countries. Hungary is also looking to produce energy locally in the event there is no energy coming from any direction, he added.

The technology and industry minister said Hungary has modified its energy system plan to meet its climate targets for 2030 and move towards meeting the 2050 targets. 

Hungary plans to procure energy that can make the economy greener or that can provide a solution for energy storage. Hungary wants the European Union to help finance the investments because, he said, it also solves the issue of Europe’s energy independence, he said.

Palkovics stressed that Hungary’s gas supply is secure. 

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