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Hungaroring and MotoGP in strategic partnership

The two aim to strengthen domestic motorsports.

Zsolt Gyulay, CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt., signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Balázs Weingartner, President and CEO of HUMDA Zrt. (the Hungarian Motorsport Development Agency). The MotoGP track in Hajdúnánás is being implemented under the auspices of the HUMDA. 

Gyulay said that, in the beginning, they were not happy about building a new race track in Hajdúnánás because of various challenges they never had to deal with in Mogyoród.

The construction of the new course was also a sensitive topic due to it essentially being competition for Hungaroring. However, after some discussions, it now appears that the MotoGP track in Hajdúnánás is not a rival but a source of additional resources for the Formula-1 complex, thanks to which reconstruction there can finally begin.

The management of Hungaroring, which is the Silicon Valley of Hungarian car and motorsports, would like to boost R&D and engineering training in Hajdúnánás, which may be one of the keys to the revival of the Eastern Hungarian region. 

The concept of Bord Architect Studio won the design competition for the new track, and plans are now being prepared. Construction should start in 2023, and the first competition would be held in 2024.

Balázs Weingartner emphasized that HUMDA’s responsibilities in the project include maintaining relations in the world of sports diplomacy and a complex change of approach to motorsports. 

According to the plans, the complete reconstruction of the Hungaroring will also start in 2022, after the race of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Zsolt Gyulay said. He said that the open procurement has already taken place for the design, which is expected to receive permits at the end of the summer, and tendering for construction could begin after that. The concrete construction must take place within 10 months to make the facility ready for the next Formula-1 competition in 2023. 

Zsolt Gyulay outlined that the investment basically consists of three segments including building a new reception area at the entrance with shops and catering units and the rebuilding of the paddock as well as the nearly 10,000-seat grandstand.

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