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Hungarian won several medals at the EuroSkills competition

Hungary finished 6th in the international competition.

Hungarian young professionals won four gold, one silver, one bronze and six “excellence” medals in Graz at the European championship for professions, EuroSkills Graz 2021. The Hungarian national team started in 21 professions with 26 competitors. 400 competitors came from 19 countries and competed in 38 professions.

László Parragh, President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Hungarian young professionals were better than ever in the European Championships, proven by the four gold, one silver, one bronze and six “excellence” they took home.

These results also show that the transformation of Hungarian vocational education is on the right track. The energy spent on vocational training is starting to pay off, which can also be seen in the investments, as investments in Hungary are growing significantly, he added.

The chamber’s efforts to transform vocational training have yielded results, and this will have to be transposed to the level of everyday life in the school system, Parragh said

Tamás Bihall, vice-president responsible for education and training, emphasized that companies have an important role to play in the vocational training of young people and in helping them acquire a profession.

A gold medal was won by the carpenter Martin Fekete, the gardening team of Péter Bokor and Péter Hutter, the beauty expert Laura Cságoly, and the web developer Bálint Mérő. The IT system management team of Ádám Papp and Áron Zoltán Bóné won a silver medal, and Dániel Sajtos, a carpenter, received a bronze medal. Painter Olivér Simon, hairdresser Nikolett Nagy, graphic artist Dorka Csenge Uszkó, the mechatronics team of Dávid Bakonyi and Dániel Kövér, florist Áron Szabolcs, and plumber/gas and heating fitter Balázs Máté Török received medals of excellence.

Hungary, with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, arranged for by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, participated in the EuroSkills competition.

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