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Hungarian winery wins at world championship for sparkling wines

Kreinbacher Birtok in Somló was awarded a gold medal and two silver medals.

The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) is not only the largest but also the most rigorous international competition for this category of spirits. The members of the jury, including founder Tom Stevenson, are all recognized specialists with outstanding tasting experience. During the two-week blind tasting, their goal was to reward the best champagnes and sparkling wines in the world. Only gold and silver medals are awarded, and all three judges must agree on the winners. 

The competition was held for the seventh time this year, with a record 1,073 entries from 30 countries around the world. Of these, only 19 countries took home medals, with a total of 128 gold and 237 silver.

From these, the jury then selects the best entries by country and category to hand out grand prizes and world championship trophies. The overall winner will be awarded between December 7 and 11. 

Kreinbacher Birtok first entered the competition in 2015, and the winery has won five gold medals in previous years —  four for magnum bottles; it has also been awarded the trophy for the best domestic sparkling wine three times.

This year, Kreinbacher Birtok‘s Brut Classic 2016 Magnum won a gold medal, while its Prestige Brut and Prestige Brut 2016 Magnum won silver medals.

The Brut Classic 2016 Magnum is made in the traditional way, using bottle fermentation and maturation. Its special feature is that it has been aged for three years in a 1.5-liter bottle, the optimal size for the development of a sparkling wine. 

In addition to the success of Kreinbacher Birtok, Carassia winery in Kárásztelek also successfully closed the competition with two silver medals for their Blanc de Blancs and Classic Brut entries.

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