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Hungarian wine production is at the forefront of the European Union

Hungary was the sixth-largest wine producer in the European Union in 2019, while its area-based productivity was the fifth in the EU ranking, according to a recent Eurostat survey.

According to the survey, a total of 16 billion liters of wine were produced in European countries in 2019, while Hungary was the sixth-largest wine producer in the EU, with 358 million liters. Hungary ranked between Germany (705 million liters) and Greece (124 million liters).

The wine production champion, with 5.5 billion liters, was Italy, followed by Spain (4.3 billion liters) and France (3.4 billion liters).

Looking at the performance of the Member States in terms of production per square kilometer, Hungary produced 3,850 liters of wine per square kilometer, making it the 5th largest producer per this measurement. 

Meanwhile, Italy led this ranking with a production of 18,000 liters per square kilometer, followed by Spain (8,520 liters) and Portugal (7,950 liters). 

Member States exported 7.1 billion liters of wine in 2019, with the largest quantities shipped to the United Kingdom and the United States. In terms of EU imports (4.8 billion liters in total), 84 percent of wines were sourced internally, while the bulk of its exports (57 percent) were also accounted for by intra-EU trade. 

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