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Hungarian tourism can remain competitive

Government’s measures will support businesses in the sector, and people can once again enjoy outdoor events, beaches and restaurant terraces.

According to Zoltán Guller, CEO of Hungarian Tourism Agency, Hungarian tourism will remain competitive, both locally and regionally, thanks to the government measures.

Due to the lifting of movement restrictions, Hungarians can start visiting restaurant and café terraces, outdoor programs and beaches – a big first step to restarting daily life as well as relaunching tourism in Hungary. 

According to a recent survey by the agency, many people would take advantage of the opportunities offered by domestic tourism as early as June.

The increase in the number of cancellations, on an upswing since the start of the crisis, has come to a halt, and the agency is now seeing an increase in tourist bookings. Guller indicated that the Hungarian Tourism Agency is still not expecting many foreign travelers this year and prefers to rely on the domestic market and tourists from neighboring countries. 

The government’s newly submitted Covid-19 manual formulates international guidelines and offers companies in the sector some practical advice and recommendations. The agency’s domestic campaign, starting in June, will further support tourism-related businesses.

Government measures, including scrapping the tourist tax, increasing the amounts that can be spent on the SZÉP card (paid for by employers), and launching various loan programs, are expected to greatly support the sector in the coming months. 

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