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Hungarian supercomputer is among the world’s TOP 500 supercomputers

High-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure is indispensable in science as well as in the development of innovative industrial solutions.

The Governmental Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ) announced that the installation of the latest Hungarian supercomputer, Komondor, started in September at the supercomputer center in Debrecen. The system, operated by the agency, will be available to users soon after the tests.

In everyday life, high-performance computing (HPC) helps solve problems such as climate research, telecommunications, transport management, energy, production optimization and the latest advances in medicine, KIFÜ reported. 

The new supercomputer will have a performance of 5 HPC petaflops, including dedicated artificial intelligence and big data partitions in addition to high-capacity processing and graphics computing units. Komondor, with energy-efficient cooling, will be available with a 100 Gb/s bandwidth through the KIFÜ-provided network serving domestic higher education, public education, research and development, libraries, public collections and other public institutions. 

The machine will be available free of charge to higher education institutions, research institutes and their partners, and under certain conditions to innovative market players including R&D actors.

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