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Hungarian success at Berlin Festival of Lights

Ádám Kirsch's human figure light display won an overwhelming majority in the online public vote.

Every October, Berlin becomes illuminated by the Festival of Lights. The artful displays on famous landmarks, monuments and buildings are turning the festival into one of the best known light art events in the world. 

Renowned artists on the international scene showcase their light installations, making the city a huge, bright stage. This year was special for Hungarians, as Hungarian artist Adam Kirsch won the audience award for his human figure light display.

Fat Heat, aka Adam Kirsch, secured a huge win over British and Swedish artists in the online public vote. His winning work was projected onto the Hotel de Rome in Berlin.

This year’s festival theme was the “Lights of Freedom”, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall. “Light tells stories” was the underlying message, through which artists presented their own cultures in light form in association with the overall theme. 

Artists from fourteen countries took part in the festival this year. They all told stories with light art, drawing attention to special and present cultures, arts and artists, while transporting themes and messages in an artistic and different way.

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