Hungarian startup Rollet has a free drive-thru coronavirus test

Hundreds have already been tested over the course of a few days from the comfort of their car.

Rollet launched its contactless payment service in 2017; since that time, cashless car payment methods have been made available to guests in dozens of locations, including parking lots, office buildings, factories, and a business park.

With the onset of the epidemic, Rollet launched its technology for drive-thru coronavirus testing back in April.

Patients arriving at the test station must first register their personal and car data in order to be eligible for on-site testing. Everything is paperless, as the test station uses an application to verify people’s identities and takes samples on the same app interface; the patient receives a personal QR code from the app as well. 

“By capturing data using an application in the cloud, the capacity of the testing area is doubled compared to a paper-based process, which can be of tremendous importance during a mass testing period. There is no consensus on whether there will be another wave of the epidemic in the fall, but in any case, our application offers a very fast and effective solution for patient identification,” said Andy Zhang, Founder and CEO of Rollet.

Car testing was used by Asian countries even before the Hungarian solution, but these proved to be slow due to paper-based administration and also dangerous due to person-to-person contact.

With the help of the Rollet system, a drive-thru testing station can be up and running in just a few days at any selected location, as the source code is suitable for receiving and sampling thousands of people without any further development.

Named “Noé,” the project is free to use, and thanks to its MIT license, it can be freely upgraded for private companies and government organizations as well.

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