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Hungarian start-up in top 3 at international energy contest

The largest Eastern and Central European energy competition for start-up companies specializing in technological innovation closed with Hungarian success in Krakow.

For the fifth time this year, the PowerUp! competition was organized by EIT InnoEnergy, and saw the Hungarian V-Chiller finish in third place in the final in May. V-Chiller uses an environmentally friendly, quick-cooling technology that can cool beverage bottles in less than a minute, and reduce electricity costs for users by over 50 percent.

V-Chiller is more efficient, faster and smaller than current chillers, and not only provides instant cooling but is also completely free of greenhouse gases, so that it can become the cooling technology of the future after the use of greenhouse gases is phased out globally by 2030.

V-Chiller Receives Cash Prize and Business Opportunities

“It comes naturally to us these days that we can warm anything in a matter of moments, but what can we do if we want to cool something very quickly?

Well, that’s why we rethought existing technology, such as vacuum cooling, and created a more efficient, smaller, faster and more environmentally friendly product that uses industrial refrigeration technology which has been previously used in the fast freezing of fresh food products,” says Amir Wasily, technology leader of V-Chiller. 

Additionally, the team received a prize of 5,000 EUR and was given the opportunity for further product development through the involvement of various European investors and potential future business and collaborative partners.

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